FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150


Can you customize your design to meet my requirements?
  • Yes we can. Pick one of our designs that you like and share it with us including your requirements. There may be a cost if it will require a few hours of redesigning. We will talk one on one with you.

Can you print my own design?
  • Of course. We will be glad to do so. We may make minor adjustments so it can print out clearly on the colors of your choice. For example, if the stroke is white and you wanted to print it on a white tshirt. We may suggest to you to change the color of the stroke to black so it can stand out.

Can you print a lot of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs etc. for my anniversary, birthday, graduation, or wedding?
  • Sure we can. We just need at least a week to review our stock and order more if we have to. Reach out to us so we can help you out.

Can you do prints for my school or organization?
  • Yes we can.

Can you ship to Micronesia?
  • Of course. We would love to. Remember, if the total order is $150 or more, we cover the shipping cost.